Fillauer Lake House in Cleveland Tennessee


Fillauer Lake House in Cleveland Tennessee.

The Fillauer Lake House of Cleveland, Tennessee


The house is a colonial gem constructed in 1888. It is equipped to handle large groups, weddings and has facilities for caterers.

A gazebo is available on the large grounds. A beautiful water fountain is located just in front of the house. Behind the house is a patio for entertaining outdoors. Brides who choose an outdoor wedding often use the stone bridge for a grand entrance into the Ceremony.


The Barn

The Fillauer Lake House Barn


Fillauer Lake house and barn located downtown Cleveland is a very popular event and wedding venue. Weddings take place out in the front yard of the house, on the front porch or at the red barn located adjacent to the house. So there are plenty of options for wedding ceremonies and other events at Fillauer.

The renovated red barn features wide plank floors and brass chandaliers providing a feeling of rustic elegance.



To check availability and to schedule a tour of the Fillauer Lake House, call Nancy Sellers at 423-618-2398.

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