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Romantic Wedding Honeymoon Lingerie


After uttering your vows, the anticipation gets high as you and your husband prepare to travel for your honeymoon. Your first night together as a couple should be something that you both will never forget, so you need to savor the experience. One of the key ingredients to having the most special and intimate first night together as husband and wife is your lingerie for that romantic honeymoon getaway. Once you peel off the wedding gown that you have on, the look on his face should be priceless, once he sees you in the sexiest or most demure lingerie. Here are some of the lingerie items that you can choose from.

Satin or Silk White Nightgown

Even if you already did the deed when you were still dating, your first night together as a couple should make you feel like you are starting off from a blank slate. Thus, it follows that sex should have an entirely different feel now that you are husband and wife. So the occasion deserves to be celebrated with something special. A white nightgown will make you feel almost virginal during your honeymoon night. Whether you are going for sweet and sexy, or you want your husband to see you as a sultry sex siren, this piece of sexy lingerie should work for you.

See-through Camisole with Matching Sexy Underwear

Do not bother with push-up bras on your honeymoon night. See your husband slowly sweat as you take your robe off to show him your see-through camisole with matching underwear. A thong and a lacy bra, or no bra at all, will make him want to peel off that camisole in a hurry.

Complete Honeymoon Set

If your guy is turned on by seeing you wearing stockings with matching garter belts, give him exactly what he wants on your honeymoon night. Go to a lingerie store and buy a matching robe, teddy, underwear, hosiery and of course, the garter belt. Seeing you clad in such fashion and teasing him by slowly taking each item off should be a treat that he will never forget.

Demure Sleepwear

If you want to mercilessly tease your husband with wondering what is under your honeymoon clothes, put on a demure sleepwear that hugs your body, but covers you in all the right places.

Temptingly Sexy Chemise

You can also choose an ultra feminine chemise with spaghetti straps that reaches just above your thighs. The stretchy material used in a chemise should feel like silk against your skin, making you extra sensitive to his touch.

When choosing the perfect lingerie for that romantic honeymoon night, be as frilly and feminine as you want. Make his blood soar with wanting once he sees you in the sexy outfit that you have saved for the most romantic night of both of your lives. You will surely feel like the ultimate siren that he agreed to spend the rest of his life with.

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