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Get your website or Premium Listing right here on the #1 Chattanooga Event & Wedding Directory to place your business in front of over 15,000 unique LOCAL visitors per month during the heaviest booking season who are actively seeking venues and vendors in YOUR market! Join our Tennessee Wedding & Event Network today!

We recommend so you may see where your website hits ARE coming from. Call us at 423-468-9621 for the most cost-effective internet advertising available to wedding and event businesses in the Chattanooga and north Georgia areas!

Premium Listing advertisers please mail your info to:

Cherry Wilson
2288 Gunbarrel Rd Suite 154-102
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 423-468-9621.


Take advantage of our professional photography and video services! Especially considering they are included with your listing. Help prospects find your venue through video in search results and more. You really do have competitors. So let's work together to market your venue better than your competitors are marketing their venues!

ATTENTION VENUES & VENDORS: Please remember as brides-to-be meet with me in my office, I need my Premium Listing advertisers to provide me with your brochures and any other promotional materials you may have. This way, when a bride may be a good fit with you, I can show her your information packet.

Also please let me know if you have your own in-house event coordinators and what their contact info is so I may put brides-to-be in touch with them.

Special Exclusive Offers: My advertisers are strongly encouraged to provide the Wedding & Event Network office with EXCLUSIVE promotional offers. This WILL greatly assist me with sending or walking in with more visitors to your business! Try it for one month and see for yourself what happens.

"Newly engaged couples are NOT waiting for or looking for magazines around town to look at display ads to find their venues and vendors! They are NOT waiting to go to a bridal show for a couple of hours each year. They are ACTIVELY seeking their venues and vendors where they can find the most information, conveniently and throughout the entire year! On the internet and in my office! Bridal shows do NOT capture all these people throughout the year AND a display ad in a magazine doesn't have but a fraction of the information they are seeking. This is how advertising on my Wedding & Event Directory WORKS!"

- Cherry


Basic Listing (Recommended for Vendors)

The Basic Listing provides you direct links to your own website. Includes your Intro Ad on TWO county and TWO city pages of your choice in Tennessee. Links to your own website are always just ONE click away from any page in the Directory! Up to five large photos, up to 1,000 words of text, social links & one PDF. The HD online advertising video we produce for you may be posted on your own website, facebook and even other directories on the internet. You may also place your marketing materials in our wedding planning office. You may also have Cherry contact you to schedule meetings with prospective clients at the wedding planning office if you prefer. One Year Basic Listing $240.

Premium Listing (Multimedia Marketing Package for Venues)

The Premium Listing (example) also provides you direct links to your own website. Includes your Intro Ad on THREE county and THREE city pages of your choice in Tennessee. Also all CAP & BOLD links to your listing in our directory navigation. When you have a video, we will place a video thumbnail next to your Intro Ad to draw more attention. Premium Listings & links to your own website are always just ONE click away from any page in the Directory! Up to five large photos, PDFs, Custom Contact Form & 3D Floor Plan! Includes HD online advertising video presentation and may be posted on your own website, facebook and even other directories on the internet. You may also place your marketing materials in the wedding planning office. One Year Premium Listing $360. (Get your Premium Listing FREE when you pay my booking fee every time I get your venue booked. View example listing).

Internet Marketing Program for Your Venue

Partner with the Wedding & Event Network. Simply put, make me your official Vendor Manager and you will receive a free professional website, hosting, pro photography, 3D floor plan, video tours, Premium Listing on the directory and MORE. You may also optionally sign-up for the Wedding & Event Network affiliate program where our banners placed on your website pays you $300 for each banner click which results in bookings for my Preferred Vendors.

Every person who books a wedding at your venue you send to me so they may acquire the vendors for their event. I have vendors with whom I have negotiated savings and additional services to save brides $400 to over $800 in vendor fees and/or services. All my vendors have been in business over 5 years, licensed, enjoy great reviews and maintain liability insurance protection. Call me at 423-468-9621 to schedule a meeting or use my Contact Form below and I will call you.

Example Video Slide Shows! Included with Basic and Premium Listing!

Example 3D Floor Plan! No extra charge with Full Year Premium Listing!

Kitchen at Union Square 3D Floor Plan

Example Online Brochure! No extra charge with Full Year Premium Listing!

Another 3D Floor Plan Example (Without Video Tour)
3D Wedding & Event Venue Floor Plan
Woman's Way Journal Display Ad
We advertise in every issue of Woman's Way Journal.

I have two offices. One in East Ridge and the other in Chattanooga. Most of the time I meet with brides at my office in East Ridge. Advertisers, vendors and other businesses at my office in Chattanooga.

Cherry Wilson
Wedding & Event Consultant
6238 Ringgold Rd
East Ridge, TN 37412
Office: 423-468-9621
Monday through Friday 10:00am to 5:00pm
By Appointment Only




A+ Rating from the Wedding & Event Network

The A+ Rating is awarded to those venues which have a proven track record of excellence and which the Wedding & Event Network believes is owned/managed by a team of professionals distinguishing themselves from most other venue operations.

The ability of the Wedding & Event Network to consider a venue for this award starts with an invitation by the venue to provide us a tour. We will carefully consider amount of time in business, online reviews and ratings, testimonials, association memberships and other factors to determine whether we believe a venue is aspiring to exceptionalism.

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