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Premium Listing is added inside the “WEDDING & EVENT NETWORK” white box on practically every page of the directory, BOLD listings, your own customized notification bar which runs across the bottom of your Premium Listing and your own customized Contact Form with inquiries sent directly to you.

Participation in the White Box Venue program is NOT required of Premium Listing advertisers. If you just do NOT want to provide Special Offers when your venue is booked under this program, you cannot participate in the White Box program.


Customer Service for Chattanooga Wedding & Event Venues

Get your advertising right here on the #1 Tri-State Regional directory to place your business in front of thousands unique LOCAL area visitors per month who are actively seeking venues in YOUR market! Advertise with us every single day for this exposure throughout the entire year.

While the majority of online wedding and event planning directories like to tell you about receiving vast numbers of visitors - what really matters to YOU is how much prospective business is sent YOUR WAY and how much of that is converted to paying clients! However if you have to know, we do average over 10,000 unique visitors per month during the booking season.

So we know we have to deliver results worth your hard-earned cash.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist & Website Designer

John Wilson
WebSearch Analysis

"Newly engaged couples are NOT waiting for or looking for magazines around town to look at display ads to find their venues and vendors! They are NOT waiting to go to a bridal show for a couple of hours each year. They are ACTIVELY seeking their venues and vendors where they can find the most information, conveniently and throughout the entire year! Bridal shows do NOT capture all these people throughout the year AND a display ad in a magazine doesn't have but a fraction of the information they are seeking. This is how advertising on our Local Wedding & Event Directory WORKS!"

WebSearch Analysis is licensed and maintains liability insurance.

Premium Multimedia Listing & "White Box" Subscription

The Premium Listing (example) provides you direct links to your own website. All CAP & BOLD links to your listing in our directory navigation. When you have a video, we will place a video thumbnail next to your Intro Ad to draw more attention. Premium Listings & links to your own website are always just ONE click away from any page in the Directory! Up to 10 large photos, one PDF and Custom Contact Form. Subscribe at $180 annually to keep your listing and all the features active.

Your Contact Form may be set-up to deliver inquiries to a number of email addresses at the same time. It is also Fast! You may always test your Contact Form at anytime to see for yourself it is working correctly and quickly! Add one-time set up fee of $20.00 to add ability to accept debit/credit card payments with your Contact Form through your PayPal account.

Have you previously spent a lot of money on advertising and it just didn't deliver much if any results? We hear this very often from people who contact us when considering using our internet marketing services. Frankly, there are many factors which weigh into the success or failure of an advertising and/or internet marketing campaign. This is why advertising agencies do not guarantee results - because there are so many factors which are totally beyond their control. As it relates to wedding & event venues, the problem is no advertising agency wants to assume all the risk for advertising your business when you may have your venue rental priced too high. Perhaps your venue has too many past clients providing bad reviews.

Now, while you may or may not be convinced advertising on this wedding & event network directory will be cost-effective for your business - you must STOP to realize that is not the limit of what we offer you! With the more aggressive program described below - you will receive MONTHLY new video productions or professional photography shoots. Also online interactive brochure and more CAN work very hard for your business. Everything else being equal. These "online marketing materials" may be shared by your past customers to help motivate them to spread the word about your venue and more. Whether they found you on your advertisement here with us or just found you because one of your monthly videos we created for you was shared with others.

It is true. Yes, absolutely true that we cannot make people hand you money to rent your venue. We can't make them sign your rental agreement. But what we do is provide you professional multimedia and internet marketing at a very competitive price. Our services are designed for the specific purpose of "showcasing" your venue. Our services are provided with the idea of persuading prospective clients to choose your venue.

You have to do something. The rest is up to YOU.

- John Wilson, SEO/Internet Multimedia Specialist
WebSearch Analysis

Perfect Webmaster® Program | $90 Monthly under 1 Year Contract

This starts you out with a complimentary Premium Listing as described above. You also receive a professionally designed website, search engine optimization, professional photography OR business video shoot each month, website hosting, ongoing website maintenance and webmaster updates and we can manage your facebook for you. A free third-party website statistics service is installed so you may view the performance of your website 24/7 via an invisible link on your website you may click to view.

You receive Professional Photo Shoot OR Video Shoot each month as well as search engine optimization of your website, website maintenance and website hosting is provided if you switch to the Perfect Webmaster's hosting services. Only $90 a month. You may add other services and just pay for those as needed. One year contract required.

Professional Staff Head Shots (Add $69.95)

Head Shot Portraits Chattanooga Tennessee Head Shot Portraits Chattanooga Tennessee Executive Head Shot Portrait Head Shot Portraits Chattanooga Tennessee

Audio Player (Add $10)

Audio player for Premium Listings may be very simple or full featured. Either may automatically play or must be prompted to play by your Premium Listing visitor. You may share music you like or create your own Welcome, Greeting or Introduction on your Premium Listing. The audio player may be color coordinated with your brand or color preferences.

Example Video Slide Shows. May also be Video Tour (Add $79.95)

Why? Because they WORK! Professional photography & video of venues in conjunction with Contact Form generating over 30 leads per month for some venues excluding telephone and email inquiries.

Interactive Virtual Tours of Wedding & Event Venues

Yes! The Wedding & Event Network Supports Google Virtual Tours.

We highly recommend Google Street View | Trusted Services.

My Preferred Google Trusted Photographers.

I very highly recommend that all my venue advertisers get a Google Virtual Tour for very powerful and cost-effective internet marketing! Contact your Google Trusted Photographer today to schedule a free and no-obligation consultation and to receive price quote.

Tell your Google Trusted Photographer that you are wanting the Virtual Tour to be posted on the Wedding & Event Network directory to receive a 20% discount off the photographer's regular price!

Virtual Tour Stat

Request Our Online Brochure You may prompt visitors to your Premium Listing to complete form to request your brochure. This generates a lead as well as submission of form automatically takes them to your online brochure for viewing and they may download the PDF version to take with them. Click icon on left to test. (Add $150 for online interactive brochure).

3D Floor Plan
3D Floor Plan (Add $200.00)

This directory is open to everyone to use without requiring visitors to create accounts to access. There is no other directory on the internet which offers multimedia rich premium listings like you get here. I can also provide you the code to embed these features in your own website!

Chattanooga Wedding Consultant Cherry Wilson
But I'm not just online! I have a local Chattanooga area office to better serve my advertising clients!

Cherry Wilson
WebSearch Analysis
1505 Adair Avenue
East Ridge, TN 37412
Phone: 423-883-6171

Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm
Saturday & Sunday 1pm to 5pm

By Appointment Only

Did you know the #1 engagement day is Christmas Eve followed by New Years Eve? Valentines Day is also popular.

Note: Contact Forms are better than active email links to help avoid spam robots from harvesting your email address to spam your inbox.

Videos, online interactive brochures , contact forms and audio always remain the copyrighted property of the Chattanooga Wedding & Event Network. These Premium Multimedia Listing features are shut down when advertiser no longer pays advertising subscription.


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