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When couples get engaged, they do not suddenly think they must pick up their local newspaper or some print magazine in order to begin their search for the perfect wedding venue and vendors. They most often will go to the internet and within moments start finding the information they want. Getting your wedding and event business listed here will absolutely put you every month in front of THOUSANDS of LOCAL area people seeking venues and vendors for their special events. While big and better known directories may receive millions of visitors from around the world every month - the vast majority of our visitors are local area - in your market - seeking local venues and vendors. So, no, we don't get millions of visitors from around the world each month. Instead, we get thousands of more highly targeted visitors each month who are specifically seeking wedding and event services in YOUR market. We are smaller because we are more targeted at your local area - Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia region of the United States.

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Chattanooga Wedding Consultant Cherry Wilson
But I'm not just online! I have a local office to better serve all my clients!

Cherry Wilson
Wedding & Event Network Customer Service
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Phone: 423-883-6171
EMAIL: cherry@eventvenueschattanooga.com

Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm
Saturday & Sunday 1pm to 5pm


Did you know the #1 engagement day is Christmas Eve followed by New Years Eve? Valentines Day is also popular.

Seriously consider Google Street View for 360° virtual tours of your venue when it is showroom ready! Save yourself time & labor and make it very easy for prospective clients to view your space.

Note: Contact Forms are better than active email links to help avoid spam robots from harvesting your email address to spam your inbox.

Example Google Street View: Then combine with Premium Listing to get in front of THOUSANDS of LOCAL AREA prospective clients each month. You must contact Cherry 423-883-6171 to FIRST set-up your Premium Listing on the directory. Cherry will then verify to Google Trusted Photographer that you are an advertiser and qualify you for 10% to 20% discount off Google Trusted Photographer's regular price.

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